General Woodworking Machine MQ292A
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Product introduction

General Woodworking Machine MQ292A

Technical parameter
Model MQ291A MQ292A
1.1.   Planing
Cutting diameter of arbor Φ62mm Φ62mm
Rotating speed of arbor 3500r/min 3500r/min
Size of tool 125×22×3mm 210×30×3mm
Max. planing width 120mm 200mm
Length of the working bench 600mm 600mm
Max. removing thickness 3mm 3mm
1.2.   Sawing
Max. size of the saw blade 200mm 250mm
Rotating speed of saw shaft 3500r/min 3500r/min
Max. thickness for sawing 65mm 70mm
1.3.   Others
Max. diameter for drilling 13mm 13mm
Max. depth for drilling 70mm 70mm
Motor power 1kW 1.5kW
Weight of the machine 46/48Kg 103/123Kg
Packing size(L×W ×H) 660×390×370mm 1130×600×450mm
Units/20'GP 252 90
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