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The Yema/LeJour Rallye From Mario AndrettiYesterday, Hodinkee published an awesome interview with the legendary Mario Andretti. Several replica watches were discussed with Andretti, although not the Rallye watch that they bought privately. We thought it would be a good accessory for mention this Rallye watch yet again on this page.The main fun of collecting vintage replica watches is usually to research them. Get acquainted with their story. Perhaps find a famous person who owned it before you decide to did. Every one of us read about the Jim Clark Gallet MultiChron 12, the Jo Siffert Heuer Autavia or sticking to the identical brand and model the Jochen Rindt Autavia. You perhaps be aware that there is another famous Rindt, Nina the wife with the late racecar driver. She wore a Compax Universal Geneve, which the watch community nicknamed the Nina Rindt UG.You will find however lesser know brands or drivers. You might remember that ever before I already did a short article within the connection between racing and also the Omega Speedmaster. Research it here. We can say that we have covered the majority of models in past times on Fratello.Mario Andretti's WatchHowever there were the opposite interesting watch. One that maybe is not as well-known as the previously mentioned ones. I'm talking about the Yema Rallye Andretti, worn by hardly any other than great Italian-American car racing legend: Mario Andretti. Michael Stockton wrote a #TBT about it a while ago, which you'll want to read here. A few weeks ago a Yema Mario Andretti came to me and that i started to perform some research upon it. Everyone considers the watch to become Yema, but as friend-of-the-show Rene brought up, it can be a LeJour.Mario Andrretti is reliant the united states and Yema was selling his replica watches under the brand LeJour there. This was a typical move to make for manufacturers at some time. As you move the Yema as well as the LeJour models are technically identical, it bugged me i were not sure the full story.Interview with Mario AndrettiThrough his management agency I got in contact with Mario Andretti. They offered me the opportunity to do a conversation with him to enquire about the watch. Just what a great fake rolex watches for sale gesture. Thus talked with some watch colleagues and friends and assembled a few questions. On top of my list was the problem using the Yema Rallye.Mario Andretti in their iconic photo wearing something looks to become a Yema/LeJour Rallye (photo credit: OnTheDash.com)The watch is neither a Yema nor a Le JourMy first question, and also the biggest mystery, what food was in relationship with the Yema. Gurus Mr. Andretti if he wore the watch included in an endorsement deal with the watch company or is it something he bought or got privately? Has also been interested if your watch was a Yema or a LeJour Watch Finishings ? I was not ready for the answer he provided. As outlined by him "The watch is neither a Yema nor a Le Jour. It's actually a Wesley's Rallye. I obtained it privately; it had not been component of an endorsement deal." There you have it. The case is finally solved of this mystery and i also guarantee it is not what anybody expected.Mario Andretti wearing his Wesley's Rally - a photo I was sent to prove that they still has the watch after many years (photo credit: Sports Management Network)Heuer AutaviaI was curious to discover his other "signature" model, the Heuer Autavia Andretti 3646, third execution watches . As outlined by a thread on Jeff Stein's wonderful resource page and forum Chronocentric the watch could possibly have a Motor/Age logo. This logo was of your magazine and was printed onto replica watches awarded to drivers and mechanics annually. You can read the whole story, here. Unfortunately Mario Andretti can't remember where she got the watch. So it's safe to visualize that, since he seemed to be awarded the SCCA Trans Am "Driver of the year award" he was gifted the Heuer Autavia there.Wearing his Heuer Autavia "Andretti" (photo credit: Chronocentric.com)While using the chrono to time other carsI also planned to know if Mr. Andretti wore the replica watches only for an accessory or did he actually use some of the features, such as the chronograph or perhaps the tachymeter bezel rolex chronograph ? He laughed and said "The only feature I generally used was the chronograph to time other cars. It had been very convenient."A rare picture of Mario Andretti and Colin Chapman, together with the Rallye for the wrist (photo credit: Chronocentric.com)"I love replica watches"During his career Mario Andretti was wearing many different replica watches. Apart from the Heuer Autavia plus the Wesley's, also, he sported an Orfina Porsche Design or even a Heuer Carrera 1168. Will you continue to have some of the replica watches you wore inside 60's and 70's with your collection? - Specialists him, this agreement he answered ''I saved every one of them". Just imagine the watch collection he has to have built over the time. It must be impressive to say the least.Arrived to end my interview but I had eco-friendly question to Mario Andretti. Can there be any brand nowadays that you want and infrequently wear?Mario Andretti's answer was: "I do not have particular favorites. I like replica watches and may also wear one for the week and exchange signal of just one more. The treatment depends of what I am doing or where I am going." I feel lucky that we had the pleasure of interviewing Mario Andretti since it allowed us to resolve a tiny watch puzzle. ben ten watch In addition, it also gave us the chance obtain a look at his watch wearing habit and the collection. I'd like to express gratitude to Mario Andretti for answering my questions. To Ms. Patty Reid of Sports Management Network on her help make this happen.Find here it interview with Mario Andretti on Hodinkee.*This article was first published on July 13, 2016.